* What's Hatena Serif?

Hatena Serif is the experimental service where you can create 'Serif Generator', which create images by inputting 'serif', which means a line or a dialog.

You can also enjoy just inputting serifs without creating serif generators.

sample img

* Create a new Serif Generator

To create a new serif generator, please login first. After logged-in, you can create it from "Create a generator" link at top-right corner.


You can use following fonts.

IPA Mincho
VL Gothic
Aqua Font
Onryo Font

* Keyboard shortcuts

This is a list of the keyboard shortcuts for Serif Listing pages.

Next serif
Previous serif
Add to/remove from favorites
Next page
Previous page
Open the focused serif in a new window

* Notice

This service is still under development. Please be patient with changing any interfaces, URI, and functions.


How can I change user iconusericon default
You can change it from Hatena Profile Image Setting(in Japanese)
Images are converted to gif automatically
The convertion is intentional specification. Currently we are not going to change it.
How many serif generators can I create?
The limit is 300 generators. The limit is not for serifs but for serif generators.

* Information on updates

Major updates are announced at Hatelabo diary (in Japanese). If you find any bugs, please notify to Hatena Idea (in Japanese)